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Holly Springs Obstetrics

Our obstetric services offer an array of flexibility to fit each patients needs. We offer pregnancy blood tests for women who are less than eight weeks, and welcome you to make an appointment with our office for testing. In addition, we schedule your first visit with our experienced nurse practitioner for a lengthy appointment where you may get to know some of our staff.

At this first visit, our patients also have an ultrasound completed, and get to hear babys heartbeat for the first time. We will carefully go over your medical history, any questions or concerns you may have, and also complete a pap smear. This first visit offers education on our practice and services, what to expect during your pregnancy as well as labor and delivery, and all testing options we have (i.e. genetic).

By your twelve-week check up, you will meet your physician and have a chance to build a relationship as well as ask any questions you may not have had in your first visit. You will have a pelvic examination from your physician, and have a more in depth conversation about delivery. Cary Ob/GYN is the only practice in the Holly Springs area that does not utilize midwives for delivery. Our highly experienced physicians will be with you through your labor and delivery at Wake Med Womens Pavilion.

In an effort to build comfort with each of our patients, we rotate many physicians throughout your obstetric appointments. This means, you will have a chance to meet most of our physicians and choose your preferred physician for labor and delivery. By twenty weeks, your appointment will offer another ultrasound of your baby to check the growth, blood work will be completed to check for any complications so we may be able to treat early. We also go over any complications that may be present at delivery, and how to address these so labor and delivery are smooth.

At Cary Ob/GYN, our staff is dedicated to ensuring your comfort, health, and happiness for you and your family. We work hard to create lifelong patients and will do our best to accommodate you throughout the process of your changing life.

New clients for obstetrics should plan to make their appointment after their eighth week of pregnancy so an ultrasound can be taken. If you are unsure if youre pregnant currently, please feel free to call our office and make an appointment for a blood test. It is our promise to always make time for our clients, new or existing.

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